Wireless Mobile and Smartphone Software Development Services

The Porting Lab can bring your product ideas to mobile phones and smart phones in optimal time frame with the highest quality standards. Our team of 30+ mobile software development experts together with mobile porting and QA specialists have extensive experience in building utility, healthcare, entertainment and educational mobile products and systems that are being deployed and used on a global level by top wireless companies such as WellDoc Communications, EA Mobile, Oberon Media, Digital Chocolate and Konami Entertainment to name a few.

Our in-house patented process of Smartphone and mobile development and mobile porting has been developed and improved over 7 solid years of research and refinement. With this framework and process in place, we can guarantee to take you from your idea inception to product development to multiple device support - in record time, in a 100% bug-free and flawless environment.

Our in-house five layer process framework works for any product irrespective of size and complexity.

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Our process, coupled with experienced and trained manpower, can quickly and efficiently craft smart service solutions for small, medium and large product developers and publishers.

Our mobile services include
  • Custom mobile software development
  • Embedded mobile application development
  • Location Based Services for mobile devices
  • Integration of Mobile solutions to Enterprise Systems
  • Porting applications across various mobile platforms
  • Multimedia and entertainment mobile applications design and development
  • Banking and financial mobile application development
  • Video and audio applications for mobile devices
  • Creating websites for mobile devices
  • Mobile payment services
  • IP solutions for mobile devices
  • Testing services for carrier and NSTL specifications

Our technical expertise runs into all the mobility verticals, including -
iPhone / iPad

Our expert team of iPhone developers can rapidly bring your product to the iPhone and iPad OS, keeping in mind the design and performance requirement of your product. Our iPhone services include -
  • Customized application development for iPhone.
  • Porting a web/desktop product to iPhone/iPad
  • Social Networking product
  • Utility product
  • Navigation and GPS product
  • Enterprise product
  • Games


Android is the fastest growing open platform for Mobile devices. Our developers can create simple fun applications to high performance utilities for the Android devices. We can even work on the Android NPK if the product needs native code development. We provide -
  • Android Enterprise solutions
  • Connected applications for Android
  • Games and multimedia applications
  • Utility applications
  • Navigation and GPS applications
  • Android native development


Blackberry is the leading Smartphone in the wireless enterprise sectors with strong year on year growth. The continuous innovation by RIM has maintained the company's proprietary products and services up with the best in the industry. Millions of devices that RIM sells every year is a strong market for mobility products. Our services for Blackberry development are -
  • Enterprise solutions for Blackberry
  • BlackBerry applications porting
  • Games and Entertainment applications
  • VoIP, Navigation and GPS applications
  • Ecommerce solutions


Our team has hands-on experience in working across majority Brew Wireless Carriers located in North America. We have created applications and games that run across hundreds of CDMA phone models housing the Brew platform. We provide NSTL pass guarantees - which is an essential requirement for launching on North American carriers like Verizon. Several products developed and ported by us have been seen present in the top selling list of Verizon. Our Brew development service offerings includes -
  • Games and entertainment applications
  • Ecommerce applications
  • Utility applications
  • SMS/MMS solutions


JavaMe or J2ME is currently the most popular platform that powers hundreds of millions of phones globally. It has enjoyed being the most widely present development platform across mobile devices running KVM. It continues to be very popular for global carrier submissions and is a quick way to revenue realization. Our services include -
  • Custom J2ME development for mobile devices
  • Client/Server applications
  • Multimedia and entertainment software development
  • Applications with GPS Navigation & Tracking
  • SMS/MMS, Bluetooth and peer to peer solutions
  • Security software for mobile devices

Windows Mobile & Windows Phone

Our team has been working in the windows mobile environment since its very early days of inception. They have worked on applications that have been deployed globally. We have worked both on native and dot net framework for Windows Mobile / Windows Phone . Our services include -
  • Ecommerce Applications
  • Enterprise productivity solutions
  • Custom mobile applications
  • GPS, Navigation based applications
  • SMS/MMS/VOIP Solutions
  • Bluetooth Solutions
  • Media solutions

Other Mobile Platform Technologies -

We also provide solutions for other platforms, such as - Palm, Symbian and Mobile Linux. If you need your product to support these platforms, our cross trained team can help provide development support, porting and testing across these platforms.